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Kritiken von "Bumbleboo" aus

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  • The American
    Krimi, Thriller
    Bewertung und Kritik von Filmfan "Bumbleboo" am 01.06.2011
    I enjoyed this thriller, some great acting and showed italy in all its beauty. The actresses were new to me but they were outstanding, certainly a new breed coming on and to watch in future. Well worth seeing in my opinion but don't ask my wife who had a completely opposite view!
  • The Messenger
    Die letzte Nachricht
    Bewertung und Kritik von Filmfan "Bumbleboo" am 01.06.2011
    Depressing movie and didn't understand why it had to be made. Someone has to do the job telling relations that their son/daughter/father has been killed in action but was a movie necessary? The Army method of informing loved ones is pretty hard nosed and heartless if this is a true depiction of reality.
  • The Marksman - Zielgenau
    Das Schicksal zweier Nationen liegt in seiner Hand.
    Bewertung und Kritik von Filmfan "Bumbleboo" am 23.05.2011
    Wes Snipes doing his thing and looking good, and enjoyed seeing my son Peter Youngblood Hills! What a hoot! Good action and the good guys won the day!
  • The Watcher
    Thriller, Krimi
    Bewertung und Kritik von Filmfan "Bumbleboo" am 05.04.2011
    Who knows? There was no English original dialog so couldn't watch it. I refuse to watch films which are not in their original language. I love to watch foreign films in their original language but with subtitles. The sound of the original dialog is much more meaningful than some dubbed language where the voices do not fit the actors' voices.
  • Kinky Boots
    Man(n) trägt Stiefel
    Komödie, Drama
    Bewertung und Kritik von Filmfan "Bumbleboo" am 05.04.2011
    Excellent movie based on a true story about a shoe manufacturing company having to re-invent itself in order to remain alive and solvent. Very funny moments and beautifully filmed. The colours and textures made you feel you could reach out and touch it. Well worth seeing.
  • The Namesake
    Zwei Welten, eine Reise.
    Drama, Bollywood
    Bewertung und Kritik von Filmfan "Bumbleboo" am 08.03.2011
    Could watch this film all over again, beautifully filmed showing the lustrous colours and clothing of India. The story line is interesting examining the problems of an immigrant Indian family in the USA and the family connections and support. Well worth seeing.
  • Brassed Off
    Mit Pauken und Trompeten
    Komödie, Musik
    Bewertung und Kritik von Filmfan "Bumbleboo" am 08.03.2011
    Brilliant and heart warming, great acting and historical in showing the demise of the coal industry in the UK as a result of Mrs Thatcher's policies. It has left the UK in a worse state and putting thousands out of work with nothing of substance to replace the lost industries. If you like brass band music this is an example of the best with a great story line to go with it.
  • Im Namen des Vaters
    Unschuldig angeklagt. Zu Unrecht eingesperrt. Er kämpft um Gerechtigkeit für seinen Vater.
    Bewertung und Kritik von Filmfan "Bumbleboo" am 28.02.2011
    This should be on a recommended for all to see, it features terrible injustice all based on the true story of the Guilford 4 bombers. All were innocent of the crime but nevertheless the police hid some relevant facts that would have shown them to be innocent but instead the police detective in charge wanted to find some one guilty and these men were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately their families were imprtisoned too again all innocent and lasted the course of the prison terms. I believe this case showed up British Justice as a farce and consequently many new rules put in place.
  • Strictly Sexual
    Frauen wollen doch auch nur das eine! Endlich Sex!!
    Bewertung und Kritik von Filmfan "Bumbleboo" am 24.02.2011
    We enjoyed this movie, it is not great but has its moments. I don't know what the object of this movie was all about except that there was some pretty explicit text and perhaps this type of conversation is normal in LA but I've certainly missed out not living there!
  • Inception
    Dein Verstand ist der Ort des Verbrechens.
    Thriller, Science-Fiction
    Bewertung und Kritik von Filmfan "Bumbleboo" am 24.02.2011
    Excellent movie, fantastic imagination to "dream" up the scenarios so well depicted in this film which shows Leo di Caprio raise his game as and maturity is obviously giving him a new edge as an actor. A must see movie.
  • Mad Men - Staffel 1
    Serie, Drama
    Bewertung und Kritik von Filmfan "Bumbleboo" am 31.01.2011
    Interesting but the continual smoking made me sick, I know it was representative of the time but i was around then and although smoking was the norm this still seems over the top and interferes with the story. Pretty horrible characters too.
  • Briefe an Julia
    Eine zweite Chance für die große Liebe.
    Lovestory, Drama
    Bewertung und Kritik von Filmfan "Bumbleboo" am 25.01.2011
    wonderful film, worth seeing again for the beautiful locations. The story was excellent and not sentimental and acting a joy to behold.